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The Manifesting Generator


Have you noticed that there is not much written or discussed about the Manifesting Generator? Why are we so ignored and neglected? We don’t even rate a “type” of our own! We are so different than the other types and no one seems to talk much about it.

Ra finally did a Manifesting Generator workshop recently. If you are a Manifesting Generator or want to understand them get the CD set from It’s an excellent purchase.

“The Manifesting Generator’s greatest gift to humanity is their efficiency.”


I am a 34/20 Manifesting Generator and I never really related to the “Generator story”. It just did not resonate for me. Yes, eventually the responding part resonated but it stopped there. And it took me a while before I could really understand this thing called responding.

I’m not someone to go through steps and stages to perfect something. I don’t get stuck. I get frustrated but it does not come from getting stuck or hitting a plateau. It comes from me seeing the end result almost immediately and then having to wait for it. It comes from things not moving fast enough for me. I’ve learned to ride the energy but I can still get frustrated when I have to slow my energy down to “be” with another type and to try and explain things step by step. Waiting for someone else to get something done for me is very difficult.

It’s so funny to observe myself. Even in this writing I’m noticing how I leave out what I think are unessential words or phrases and I have to go back over it slowly to fill in the missing pieces. Others are going to read this and try to absorb what I am communicating so I must be thorough! But it’s not easy for me. I see and feel the end result so quickly and I just want to be there now! All the words want to pour out onto the page at once but I can’t type that fast nor would it be comprehensible.

There was such a relief in my body when I heard Ra say that Manifesting Generator’s see the essential steps and skip the non-essential steps. I said yes! This is so true. I can do one week worth of work in a day. Now, someone will probably have to go in and clean up my mess but the work got done and it got done efficiently and quickly! Yes there will be mistakes but to me the small mistakes are nothing compared to the efficiency of getting stuff done.

I realize I am a builder but not a builder like the Generator. I don’t have the patience for building through steps or detail. I want it to be done so we can get something else done! I have so much respect for the pure Generator and their step by step building capacity.

My executive assistant is a Generator and she has taught me so much about the differences between Generators and Manifesting Generators. I have so much respect for someone that has the patience to go through the steps and do a thorough job. It does not mean that she does not make any mistakes though. But her mistakes are different than mine.

It was so funny...recently I did a reading for my daughter who is a Manifesting Generator as well. Same channel, single definition and open head centers...very, very quick and bright. I could sense that she was taking the information from me faster than I could get the words out of my mouth. I felt so rushed! It gave me a good insight into how others must feel when they are around Manifesting Generators. It was a great learning experience.

I think Richard Rudd’s article about Manifesting Generators was really great. We do carry both the feminine and the masculine or the receptive and active and we are constantly trying to balance the two. Life does flow better when I am receptive first. There is less resistance when I am receptive first. I have much less anger and frustration about things not moving fast enough when I am in a receptive mode of operation.

There are many nuances and subtleties to the way the MG energy works and you have to be observant to notice them. For example, let’s say you are sitting on the couch relaxing reading a book and an impulse or thought hits you that you need to return a phone call. One of two things happens, you find yourself up off the couch making the phone call in response to the impulse or your mind says “you should return that phone call” but your body does not move. In the second scenario you would have to force yourself up off the couch to make the call. Which one is effortless?

Another example: Let’s say the kitchen needs to be cleaned up. I walk through the kitchen several times a day and each time my mind says “you should really clean those dishes” but my body resists and does not go to the sink to clean up. Then there is one time that I walk through the kitchen and I just simply find myself at the sink cleaning and it was effortless. I let my body take me there when it was ready...when it responded. The kitchen was cleaned in a nanosecond (remember I am a Manifesting Generator) and I actually enjoyed it and it now feels satisfying to have a clean kitchen. There is such a difference between “resenting that I have to clean the kitchen” and just effortlessly doing it from response!

Now try applying this strategy in your relationships and in your work in the world. If I wait for the body to tell me, through its response, the correct timing before taking action I am a much happier person and my life just flows effortlessly.

The Manifesting Generators need to understand the tremendous power available to them through waiting for the response and resisting the temptation to force an outcome. We really can accomplish incredible things when we wait.

Remember, when we wait for the response we enter into things correctly. Our energy is really efficient and we get the essential things done without missing an essential step. When we try and force the outcome without waiting for the response/timing we skip essential steps in our rush to get it done. Then we suffer later when we have to go back and fix or clean up what was missed.


Lynda Stone

Human Design Teacher

© 2009 Inner Human Design