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Living Your Design Guide Program and Teacher Training Program

The introduction of the Living Design Guide program is the final component of the reorganization of teaching methodology in the Human Design System. I have asked Lynda Stone to join the staff of the IHDS International Human Design Schools and direct the implementation of this program.’

Ra Uru Hu


IHDS Living Your Design Guide Teacher Training is a course for teachers interested in training LYD Guides.

Email me to find out when the next LYDGTT course is offered:

This program is an opportunity to become a Teacher to certify and train LYD Guides. The more LYD Guides we have out in the field introducing and supporting newcomers into Human Design the better. Would you like to train Guides to give the LYD program to newcomers? Up until now, Ra Uru Hu and Lynda Stone have been the only teachers of the LYD Guides. We are now opening up the opportunity to train Guides to Human Design professionals. Recordings of both Ra Uru Hu and Lynda Stone teaching this program will be provided in addition to presentation material for you and your student guides. Contact Lynda at for more information.

The purchase of the LYD Student and Instructor Manuals is required.

Prerequisites: Analyst Certification.


IHDS Living Your Design Guide Training.

Email me to find out when the next LYDG course is offered:

This course prepares and certifies any Human Design Student to host and give the Living Your Design Course. The prerequisite to becoming a certified Living Your Design Guide is the completion of the Level I (Rave ABC) and Level II (Rave Cartography) programs. The eight week live course of one 1 hour class per week will support students' comprehension of this class material.

The Living Your Design Guide training is groundbreaking in the Human Design Community and is designed to provide a thorough and streamlined approach to assisting the newcomer to Human Design into the actual experience of living their design. This course will teach the Certified Living Your Design Guide how to properly initiate a newcomer into the experiment of following ones strategy and authority through various lessons, discussions, experiential techniques and exercises. This program is intended to train and teach certified Living Your Design Guides to “support” the newcomer into the experiment, surrender and journey of living their design.

The Living Your Design Guide Training Method – a thorough, yet streamlined approach to teaching some of the basics of Human Design in regards to type/strategy/authority and conditioning, not only establishes and implements the new global standard and approach to the Human Design experiment but is exciting to teach. This course will provide the LYD Guide with the information and techniques necessary in which to assist and give the newcomer to Human Design a sound footing in getting started on their 7 year de-conditioning process.

This course gives the LYD Guide the necessary steps to take the client through in order to establish and convey why following strategy/authority is significant and life changing. This course will also teach the LYD Guide how to assist/help and guide the student to understand their own personal conditioning via examples and experiential techniques/discussions and experiences. This course will also give the Guide the tools to present the larger view of the importance of strategy and authority in relation to the whole.

This Course will teach the Guide how to take a student through a process which will reveal to them the distortion that the ‘not-self’ brings to their lives. And once they ‘get’ the significance of this, entering into and staying with the experiment will become a natural outgrowth of the LYD course and set in place the secure foundation to go forward into their personal 7 year de-conditioning experience.

The course of weekly 60 minute teaching sessions includes audio download from Ra Uru Hu’s foundational June 2005 teaching of this method. The course fee will also include a PowerPoint presentation and general lesson plan for the Guide to use in teaching this course.

The student is required to purchase the Living Your Design Instructor Manual now available from various Human Design organizations.

This course is experiential and will use real life examples and class participant charts and teaching, Q&A sessions that expressly respond to the particular needs and designs of class members as they themselves more fully integrate the depth and breathe of the significance of surrendering to their own strategy/authority so that they become true living examples of this teaching. A full range of practical examples will be utilized and the students/guides will have an even deeper understanding of their own personal not-self conditioning.



A personal message from Lynda Stone for people considering this course:

Please allow me to share my own personal story with you. I've been involved with Human Design now for twelve years as an Analyst, Guide and Teacher. I've initiated many hundreds of people into Human Design with readings and teaching, and I have also trained excellent Analysts. I fell in love with this body of work in an instant and began studying with Ra both privately and through taking his courses.

Providing readings has been humbling and rewarding. With each reading I do, my own knowledge of Human Design deepens. I feel fortunate that I see both the larger view and the detailed view of an individuals Design and I do my best to weave all the information together for the client so that I can give them something of lasting value for their life. It's through doing reading after reading that the knowledge has firmly planted itself into my soul.

I've also been teaching Living Your Design for many years. LYD is really all about just what the title says ... 'Living Your Design'. The intent of this course is to get the message out that it's Living Your Design that really matters. And by guiding and showing people the bigger picture of Design in context with their own personal Design I hope that I am able to stimulate a desire within the student to see the magic of their life and take on the experiment of living their own design. This course is very different than the technical analyst courses offered. This course is about the experience of your Design.

The Rave ABC and Rave Cartography courses are about the details of Design and how to pull it together to do readings. Together these two courses provide you with good foundational information. These two courses are the pre-requisites for taking any of the 'higher' education courses that are offered including: becoming an officially recognized HD registered Analyst; becoming a Living Your Design Guide; and some of the more advanced courses offered through the International Human Design School.

From my personal experience over the years the most rewarding aspect of Human Design has been teaching and guiding people into Living Your Design. It has been by far the most rewarding because it is the 'entry' point for people to really get the value of Design. It is through this course that many awakenings happen and many people move on to really integrate this knowledge into their lives.

For me, teaching the Living Your Design course is where I get the most personal fulfillment and I can say with all honesty, it has been one of the most personally gratifying experiences of my life. When I get an email message or a phone call from someone that has had a profound personal Design experience which has transformed their life, it is just wonderful. It's such a good feeling to be part of this process and it keeps me engaged and it keeps me involved and I want to share more and more. It's a wonderful exchange of energy. In looking back over the years I see clearly that what a person learns in the LYD course is the most valuable information available in Design. Everything else is about the details and its great mind candy and I love it, but what you experience from the LYD course is what will change your life. I am deeply grateful.

This is an invitation to you to become a Licensed Living Your Design Guide. There are some pre-requisites and they are the LYD course, Rave ABC and Rave Cartography courses.

If you are someone who loves Design and would love to be a licensed guide for this course, and become involved in this program, please contact me and I will be happy to share my personal experiences and more details about this opportunity. You can reach me at 760-431-7717 or through my email address at

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